Product Quality is of Fundamental Importance for a Business to Survive


Bearing in mind that product quality sustains business growth, Sinqi Ophthalmic Medications puts quality first and makes the quality of medications its top priority. The company has established a comprehensive quality management system in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and the Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management Regulations. It ensures product quality through the product lifecycle management and rigorous control over every factor concerning product quality.

On the basis of a comprehensive quality management system, Sinqi Ophthalmic Medications conducts stringent control over each step from product design to development to production. Inspectors inspect incoming materials, pharmaceutical water, production environment, intermediate products and finished products in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements and the company’s internal control standards. Verifiers verify the air-conditioning system, water system and key equipment etc. to ensure the optimal state of the system and equipment and the effective operation of the quality management system.