Sinqi Ophthalmic Medications Helped Disabled Persons Get out of Poverty - News Report of Shenyang Radio and Television Evening News
Release time:2020-09-09 author:SINQI

A few days ago, the Shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation worked with Sinqi Ophthalmic Medications to investigate the Sinqi Ophthalmic Medications Aiding the Disabled Charity Program. Sinqi Ophthalmic Medications donated RMB 500,000 to the Shenyang Foundation for Disabled Persons to alleviate poverty among 119 poverty-stricken disabled persons on record in Liaozhong District, Xinmin City, Faku County and Kangping County who were willing and able to farm. The implementation of industrial projects for poverty alleviation not only solved practical problems for the rural poor disabled persons but also empowered them to earn a living on their own and to stabilize and even increase income.